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A good roof is a critical investment in your home. Architectural asphalt shingles are a classic choice. A quality shingle roof system is an efficient way to protect your home for generations to come. Like with most building products, the use of modern technology has allowed for major advancements in the roofing industry over the years, particularly with shingles. From the modern synthetic materials that improve overall composition, adhesion and durability, to the machines that produce the product, the shingle roof of today is a much better product than that of the past. Manufactures now offer lifetime material warranties and unlimited wind speed warranties. A good quality shingle roof system, properly installed by Old Town Roofing, will give you premium protection at an economical price point.

A shingle roof system consist of several components. When we install a shingle roof system we use a premium underlayment to start. Then we install new 26ga metal drip edge around the roofs parameter. Next, valley liners are installed down the valleys. After that a shingle starter strip is installed around the parameter of the roof, nailed and glued continuously to the drip edge. The shingles are installed next. As the shingles are installed, so will be any wall flashings, pipe boots, roof vents and skylights. Once the shingles are installed, the ridge ventilation will be  installed. Finally, the ridge cap is installed over the ridge vent. After that any final details are buttoned up and the project will be complete. Click here to see a timeline of the entire process, from initial visit to final completion documents.


Every roof is different and we take the time to evaluate each one individually. We take pride in knowing we are delivering our clients with the quality and satisfaction they deserve. Our professional installation teams are top notch and we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects. We always stand by the exceptional quality of our work, from start to finish, and long after the job is complete. Schedule a free roof inspection and consultation today.

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