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The entire process takes about 2 weeks - start to finish.

The residential roof replacement process may seem overwhelming initially. There are several steps to complete the project, and many may be unknown to most homeowners. There are strict building codes that need to be followed, homeowners association guidelines, municipality restrictions, homeowners insurance requirements, manufacturer specifications for warranty and much more. This is why hiring a professional roofing company (Old Town Roofing) is extremely important, to make sure not only that the system is installed correctly, but also that all requirements are satisfied. With that said, the easiest way to handle your roofing project is to give us a call or fill out our contact form online. Below is an illustration of what the process looks like when you hire Old Town Roofing.

roof inspection_edited.jpg


The first step is to contact Old Town Roofing. Once we meet for the initial appointment, we will do several things. The first will be a brief personal and company introduction. After that we will discuss the roofing issues you are currently having, where the roof is leaking, damaged areas, areas of concern, etc. Next, we will complete a roof inspection and take detailed measurements for the estimate. During the roof inspection we will photo document any damage and create a detailed report on the roofs condition. After the inspection we will discuss the findings and details of the inspection.

roof estimate.jpg


After the inspection is complete and the scope of work has been assessed, we will begin working on your quote for repair or replacement. Most of the time we are able to build the quote on site, at the time of the inspection. The quote will contain all the necessary materials and labor to completely restore the roof system. Once the estimate is complete, we will discuss the scope of work and details of the project.

signing contract_edited.jpg


Once we have a proposal that adequately meets your roofing needs and are ready to move forward with the project, there will be a few documents that need autographs. The first will be the acceptance of the proposal/quote. Then, we have a very basic residential contract that will further outline the process, warranties, and our obligations to one another. We will also need to get a Notice of Commencement on file with the local courthouse records department. If there are any insurance documents needed before we start, we will handle these during this step as well.

roof permit.jpg


After the proposal is accepted and documents are signed, we will move on to step 4. During this step, Old Town Roofing will pull all necessary permits and file required documents with local municipalities to get the project authorized to start. This will also be the point in which we will complete the take-off, get materials ordered and schedule for delivery and inst. This is the final step before construction begins.

roof remove.jpg


Materials are delivered, permits pulled, documents filed, it's time to get started. Old Town Roofing's professional installation crew will arrive at 7am sharp to start the project. We will bring all equipment to complete the project, including a dumpster. There may be multiple vehicles arriving depending on the size and scope of the project. Day one of project start will consist of the prep phase. We will start by placing landscape & ground protection around the parameter of the home. Then we will begin to remove the existing roof system down to wood deck. Once the old roof is removed, we will begin to repair any rotted or damaged substrate. Once the roof deck is restored, we will bring the deck nailing up to current building code standards. Once the roof deck is restored and up to date, we will install the roof underlayment. At this point the roof is considered "dried in" and will be protected if a storm should move through the area while we are working.

roof install.png


Now that we have all the prep work done, it's time to start your new roof installation. First will be the new drip edge. After that, a shingle starter strip is installed around the roof parameter. The starter strips are nailed and glued continuously to the drip edge to mitigate wind uplift. Once the starter strips are down, we will begin to install the shingles, wall & chimney flashings, skylights, pipe boots and roof vents. Once the shingles and accessories are installed, we will install the ridge vent and ridge & hip cap shingles. The final cleanup is performed, lawn, flower beds and driveways will be magnetically swept. Your property will look as if we were never there. Lastly, a final inspection by the crew leader and manager to ensure everything is 100% as promised before leaving the job.

roof inspection 3.png


Once the installation is complete, we move on to closing the project out. An Old Town Roofing quality control specialist will arrive a couple days after the install is complete to perform an in-depth final inspection. At this point we will also do a walk around with the client and address any issues or concerns, if any. After our inspection is complete, we will schedule the final inspection with your local municipality to close out the permit. After all inspections are complete, you will receive the final invoice.

roof complete.jpg


Now that we have completed the project, satisfied all local municipality requirements and received final payment, we will meet once more to deliver a completion folder containing copies of all documents, permits, receipts, Old Town Roofing warranty certificate, manufacture warranty certificate, as well as a bulk of information on all products installed. Also, at this point we will forward any completion paperwork to your insurance provider - if necessary. 

That's it, we're all done! It may be emotional to see us go, but just remember, we will always be here if you ever need us again. We greatly appreciate your business and Thank You! for trusting Old Town Roofing to complete your roofing project.

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